Why members love Leeds Harmony Choir

May 27th, 2015

To gather some feedback to help with a  funding application we asked members  last week to record on a post-it “Why I love Harmony”..here’s what they said

Stress relief at the end of a long day

I love singing

There is too much tension at home. I like the music and I feel happy here

I want to sing. I like to sing. It relaxes me and makes me feel better

I love harmonies.

It makes my week

I just love to sing.

It exercises my chuckle muscles.

It reduces tension.

Singing makes me very happy

To see my all my lovely friends

Lovely people, very therapeutic to have a good sing. People from all over the world together

Singing makes me forget everything else that’s going on. Afterwards I feel uplifted and happy

I like African songs

It takes me back to Africa

I like the music

It refreshes the parts nothing else reaches