free Gay Abandon choir music creating workshops for LGBT youth

Spoken word confidence building, music creating opportunities available for LGBT Youth aged 18-25 via Gay Abandon Choir. 4 workshop sessions  with James Nash based on writing about a favourite icon/idol are being held at Swarthmore College Leeds from 21/10. Funded by Leeds Inspired

Harmony sister choir Cries Freedom friday at Ilkley Literary Fest Fringe

  Catch Frances Bernstein’s’ other choir Free Range (which includes Harmony members) perform Cry Freedom at the Ilkley Literature Festival fringe (free entry !)¬† Friday 17/10 9-1o pm which recounts to music the story of Frances’ father Rusty’s experience alongside Mandela during South Africa’s liberation struggle

Singing for the Brain: Dementia Care, Japanese-style

Here’s Leeds’ Head of Commissioning at Adult Social Care Mick Ward demonstrating the health benefits of a physical social singsong during a recent trip to Japan, along the lines of the Alzheimer’s Society’s sessions in the UK

Harmony choir learning an African call & response song

Here’s founding Harmony member Raphael Petta (also of Songo ) powerfully popping up (splendidly-attired) to teach us a west african call & response song via our thursday session in July Post by Frances Bernstein.

Join Harmony’s ‘Peace Day’ singing session 18/9

As part of the global choral initiative One Day One Choir we’ll sing songs of peace at our regular session on Thur 18th Sept to coincide with international Peace Day 21/9. This follows on from last Saturday’s fundraiser workshop led by Frances in Headingley in aid of Medical Aid For Palestine